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Private 1-to-1 tuition is available in the following languages:
Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and German.

Overview of Private Courses:

Learn your favorite language as the most convenient time and place for you. Each person has different abilities, different rates of learning, and individual strengths and weaknesses; with private tuition you will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with his or her lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for you!

Some advantages of private tuition:

Fast Improvements

You can improve a level in just 10 hours whereas in a group lessons it will take 20 hours. Some topics you may find easier than others. You can move on faster and spend longer on the trickier topics.

Customized lessons to suit your particular needs

The tutor will customize the entire lesson plan around each student's individual needs. This helps the student to progress much more quickly than in the group environment since the tutor can easily adapt the lesson to concentrate upon the individual's strengths or weaknesses in the subject. Many students are amazed how quickly they can pick up a language. You will be able to improve your pronuntiation, speaking and listening skills in effective way.

Student Confidence

Private lessons also give students the additional confidence to ask questions when they don't fully understand a particular topic. Many of my students tell me that in the past, they felt very self-conscious of peer pressure while in the classroom setting. This problem is avoided with individual private lessons

Programme Essentials:

Our programmes include:

60 minute sessions.
Native, experienced and qualified teacher.
Priority for conversation events. (If required).

Lessons can be held at your favourite location, our school, Teacher's home or even online!
Wherever it would be most suitable for you.

Times also depend on your availability. We suggest 2 hours per week and self study. We work with speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Languages available: