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Welcome to our French Courses

  • If you are thinking of travelling to a French speaking country
  • If you are going on holiday or your honeymoon in a French speaking location
  • If you are thinking of moving to France or other French speaking location
  • If you would like to apply for a new job and French is required
  • If you love Wine and French cuisine

Then our French course will get you learned in no time. If you are interested in travelling, working or living in French speaking countries or just because you would like to know more about French art, business, Wine, love and culture, learning French with us is one of the best investments you can make to achieve your goals and get the most from these amazing places.

All of our teachers are native speakers and most are from France.

We love teaching and sharing the culture. You will find much more than just another French class. You will LIVE the culture, make new friends and have fun doing it.

We offer French courses in Exeter, Online and 1 to 1 either at our location or a location of your choice.

We run most of our French Lessons at our school in Longbrook St.

Beginners:18th September
Elementary:16th September
Intermediate:17th September
Upper Intermediate:16th September
Advanced:17th September

French Lessons Available:

Course Length Extras Class
Day Price Per
5 Weeks
Price Per
Whole Term
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 18th
Wednesdays £65 £120
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 16th
Mondays £65 £120
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 17th
Tuesdays £70 £130
Upper Intermediate
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 16th
Mondays £70 £130
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 19th
Thursdays £75 £140
Conversation Class
10 Weeks
(20 Hours)
  6:30 - 8:30pm 20th
Fridays £50 £80

Course Basics:

10 week Course:

Number Of Hours:20 hours plus 4 hours in conversation class
Course Length:10 Weeks (2 hours Per Week)
Start Date:Every month.
Class Time:6:30 pm To 8:30 pm
Students Per Class:Average 6, Maximum 12
Payment:you can pay every 4 weeks or the whole period.
Extras:1 week in France just £350 (1 week course and accommodation included)

1-2-1 French Lessons (Online or In-Person):

Number Of Hours:20 hours plus 4 hours in conversation class
Course Length:Depending on the client
Start Date:Any time
Day and Time: Depending on availability
Place:at Spanish teacher home or at your place
Students Per Class:1 (If you have a friend to join you please contact us to discuss it)
Extras:1 week in France just £350 (1 week course and accommodation included)

view of the spanish coast

Description of the Exeter Based Lessons:

During this 10 week course (20 hours) you will be able to improve your language skills, meet new people and enjoy the culture as taught by a native speaker. Our syllabus has been designed to fulfil your language needs, be they for travel purposes, work or just for fun!

All group lessons are held during the evening. Classes last for 2 hours and are held 1 day per week.

We offer innovative programs where you can learn from the complete beginning or improve with our wide choice of French language courses. Lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation and grammar to help you communicate and thrive in everyday situations in French speaking countries.

The syllabus aims to provide useful and relevant language skills using up-to-date and interesting materials. It encourages participants to practice the language and quickly build confidence and develop fluency.

We use an interactive method of teaching based on learning by practising and having fun. Grammar is covered as much as possible by using practical situations.

There is a maximum of 6 students per class, ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to participate and spend time with the tutor. A large part of the study material is presented in the form of practical activities and exercises through which you will learn to understand and speak French almost without noticing.

Our French Teachers:

Sandrine Bouquet

" I am a French native speaker. I have got a Masters Degree in Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese which I was rewarded in 2011 by the University of La Rochelle, in Charente-Maritime, South West France. After graduating, I came to England to teach my mother tongue as a Language assistant where I have been working in two different schools in Devon, teaching French to English students from year 10 to 13, preparing them for their writing and speaking assessments and examinations at GCSE, AS, A2 and IB level.

I have found this experience both very stimulating and rewarding since I considerably extended my knowledge in teaching to foreign students using creativity, humour, organisation and lots of adaptation.

I thoroughly enjoy working with students of all ages, I am personable and conscientious and I enjoy sharing my passion for learning French.
I like to think that we are all able to communicate in different languages and be receptive to new cultures and new people wherever we come from and wherever we are going."

Detailed French Syllabus For The Exeter Courses:

At ARA Languages, we base our language syllabus on the Common European Framework for languages.

The CEFR is a part of the work of the Council of Europe and was established in the 1950’s with the aim of the “democratisation of language learning for the mobility of persons and ideas and the promotion of the European heritage of cultural and linguistic diversity” In practice that means you should be able to do the same kinds of things in different languages at the same level. Each level in our syllabus is subdivided into Communicative Objectives, Topics and Vocabulary and Grammar.

CEFRLevels European Framework Groups levels at ARA Languages Length 
of course
Summary of what will be 
covered in the class
A1 Beginner 24 hours
Greetings and introductions, asking and giving personal information and talking about family, the alphabet, booking hotels, ordering at the bar or restaurant, food and drinks, shopping, weights and measurements, numbers and time, talking about nationalities, professions, hobbies, present tense, Verb “être” and “avoir”, Present tense, Regular - Irregular verbs Negative: ne … pas, Definite and Indefinite articles..
Beginner Plus 24 hours

Describing a city, Booking a room in a hotel, Asking and giving directions, Writing a postcard, Describing people, Hobbies, Question with “est-ceque”, Pronouns “moi, toi, lui, elle, eux, elles, nous, vous”, Verbs prendre and descendre.,

Elementary 24 hours

Invitations, Describing routines, The time, Talking about the past and future, The family, Festivals and celebrations, The body, Pronouns “nous, vous, on”, Le passé composé, Possessive adjectives, The imperative.,

A2 Pre Intermediate 24 hours
Telephone conversations, The weather, Describing emotions, Talking about cultural activities, Holidays, Reflexive verbs, The future, Prepositions, Adjectives, Present continuous.
Low Intermediate A 24 hours
Talking about food, Clothes, Giving advice. Describing an object, Booking tickets at the theatre, Shops, Pronouns, Adverbs of frequency, Informal speech.
Low Intermediate B 24 hours
Ordering in a restaurant, Talking about memories, Comparing a past with a present situation, Describing a flat, Pronouns “le,la,les,lui,leur”, Imparfait and passé composétenses.
Low Intermediate C 24 hours
Talking about habits and circumstances in the past, Stating opinions, Designing and presenting and advertising campaign, Talking about the future,Pretérito Imperfecto tense.
B1 Intermediate A 24 hours Describing people, Making comparisons, Giving advice, Understanding a job advertisement, Writing a formal letter, Formal and informal speech, Present subjunctive tense, Imperfect tense and present perfect, Passé compose with “être” and “avoir”, Time prepositions
Intermediate B 24 hours Talking about working experiences, Making travel arrangements, Talking about countries and cities, Hotel facilities, Adverbs, Indefinite pronouns, Plus perfect (j’avaisfini), The Gerund, Demonstrative pronouns.
Intermediate C 24 hours Talking about the media and films, Making suggestions, Talking about future plans, Expressing hopes, Past tenses revisions, Passive form, Past participle with “avoir”, Indicative or subjunctive for hopes or wishes, Conditional present for wishes and suggestions.
B2 Upper Intermediate A 24 hours Stating preferences and opinion,presenting a project, Expressing agreement and disagreement, Biographies, Cause and consequence,Reported speech in the past, Plus perfect/ conditional..
Upper Intermediate B 24 hours Expressing opinions, Talking about favourite books, Complaining, Environmental issues, Crime and punishment, Subjunctive or indicative to express the necessity/give opinion, Time prepositions with indicative or subjunctive, Use and place of double complement pronoun
Upper Intermediate C 24 hours Expressing opinions, Talking about technology, Talking about French literature and cinema, The Media, Expressions for expressing points of view, Giving advice infinitive or subjunctive, Composed relative pronouns, Possessive pronouns (le mien, la sienne, la leur, les leurs…).
C1 Advanced 24 hours For more details about higher levels please contact us