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Welcome to our Italian Courses

  • If You passionate about Italy, Italian wine and food
  • If You are going for holidays of your honeymoon to Italy
  • If You love travelling and looking for a sunny place, Italy can be the best place for you.
  • If You are thinking in moving to Italy.

Learning Italian with us is one of the best investments you can make to achieve your goals and get the most from these amazing places.

We offer Italian courses in Exeter, Online and 1 to 1.

We run most of our Italian Lessons in Exeter at our school in Longbrook St.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Italian speaker, we have a course for you.

All our teachers are native, we have teachers from Milan and Bologna.

We love teaching and sharing our culture, you will find more than just a class, you will live the culture, make new friends and have fun.

Italian Lessons Available:

Course Length Extras Class
Day Price Per
5 Weeks
Price Per
Whole Term
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 18th
Wednesdays £65 £120
Beginners Plus
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 18th
Wednesdays £65 £120
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 16th
Mondays £70 £130
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 17th
Tuesdays £70 £130
Upper Intermediate
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 19th
Thursdays £70 £130
Max Per Class: 10
10 Weeks
(24 Hours)
2 Social Clubs 6:30 - 8:30pm 19th
Thursdays £70 £130
Conversation Class
10 Weeks
(20 Hours)
  6:30 - 8:30pm 20th
Fridays £50 £80

Course Basics:

Italian 10 Week course:

Number Of Hours:20 hours plus 4 hours in conversation class
Course Length:10 Weeks (2 hours Per Week)
Start Date:.
Class Time:6:30 pm To 8:30 pm
Students Per Class:Average 3, Maximum 6
Extras:1 week in Sicily. Just £350 (1 week course and accommodation included)

1-2-1 Italian Lessons (Online or In-Person):

Number Of Hours:10 hours
Course Length:Depending on the client
Start Date:Any time.
Day and Time:Depending on availability
Place:At Italian teacher's home or at your location
Students Per Class:1 (if you have a friend to join you please contact us to discuss it)
Extras:1 week in Sicily just £350 (1 week course and accommodation included)

The tower at Pisa, Italy.

Description of the Exeter Based Lessons:

During all our courses you will be able to improve your language skills, meet new people and enjoy the culture as taught by a native speaker. Our syllabus has been designed to fulfil your language needs, be they for travel purposes, work or just for fun!

We offer innovative programs where you can learn from the complete beginning or improve with our wide choice of Italian language courses of varying levels. Lessons include a balance of conversation, listening, pronunciation and grammar to help you communicate and thrive in everyday situations in Italy.


For our 10 week course, lessons are held during the evening. Classes last for 2 hours and are held 1 day per week. In addition you can also enjoy our social clubs which are held twice every term. These are a great opportunity to interact with other students, make more friends, have fun and improve your listening and speaking skills.

There is a maximum of 6 students per class, ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to participate and spend time with the tutor. A large part of the study material is presented in the form of practical activities and exercises through which you will learn to understand and speak Italian almost without noticing. Homework and self-study are also an important part of the process.


Each person has different requirements and learning speeds. That’s why for some people a group class may not be the best option. If you are interested in focusing your learning in a specific area or to fast track your learning then One to One lessons are the lesson plan for you.

Time and place depend on your convenience.

Online lessons are conducted via Skype, ideal for those who live far away or don't have enough time to travel.

Our ItalianTeachers:

Silvia Paloschi

Silvia is from Milan, she has more than 15 years experience teaching Italian. She has taught in Italy and in Exeter at Exeter University, Exeter College, St. Peter's School and privately. She has a lovely personality and has a high satisfaction feedback from all our students.

Giorgia Ferrary

Giorgia is from Bologna, she is a MPhil student at Exeter University. She has 4 years experience teaching Italian. She has been focused on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition, and in particular on vocabulary building strategies.

Detailed Italian Syllabus For The Exeter Courses:

At ARA Languages, we base our language syllabus on the Common European Framework for languages. 

The CEFR is a part of the work of the Council of Europe and was established in the 1950s with the aim of the “democratisation of language learning for the mobility of persons and ideas, and on the promotion of the European heritage of cultural and linguistic diversity” In practice that means you should be able to do the same kinds of things in different languages at the same level. Each level in our syllabus is subdivided into Communicative Objectives, Topics and Vocabulary & Grammar.

CEFR Levels European framework Groups levels at Ara languages Length 
of course
Summary of what will be 
covered in the class
A1 Beginner 24 hours
Greetings and introductions, Asking and giving personal information, Ordering at the bar or restaurant, Food and Drinks, Describing cities and countries, The alphabet, Numbers 1-100, Nationalities, Professions, Hobbies, Present tense, Definite and indefinite articles, Interrogative words.
Beginner Plus 24 hours

Buying and asking prices, Describing people, Expressing likes and dislikes, Family and friends, Describing daily routines, Telling the time, Colours, Present tense, Reflexive Verbs, Possessive adjectives. Asking for directions in a town or city, Public places and shops, Talking about skills and abilities, Present tense, Regular - Irregular verbs

A2 Pre Intermediate 24 hours
Pretérito Perfecto tense, Talking about past events, Giving advice, Describing a house, Furniture, Comparing, Describing objects, Regular and irregular Verbs, Pretérito Indefinido Tense, Talking about problems, Adverbials of time.
Low Intermediate A 24 hours
Inviting somebody to do something, Asking for favours, Asking and giving permission, Giving excuses, Talking about leisure activities, Talking about projects in the future, Parts of the body, Demostrative pronouns, estar + gerundio, ir + infinitivo.
Low Intermediate B 24 hours
Talking about food, Describing cultural activities in the city, Describing aches, pains and symptoms, Giving advice, Books films and theatre, Direct object pronouns, Pretérito Perfecto and Indefinido tenses.
Low Intermediate C 24 hours
Talking about habits and circumstances in the past, Stating opinions, Designing and presenting and advertising campaign, Talking about the future,Pretérito Imperfecto tense.
B1 Intermediate A 24 hours Describing friends, Describing events in the past, Expressing cause, Expressing probability, Talking about personal experiences, Expressing happiness, sadness and surprise, Spain and Latin America, Holidays, Pretérito Indefinido and Imperfecto, Verbs with prepositions.
Intermediate B 24 hours Expressing changes of the mood, Talking about plans, Talking about problems, Giving and asking for advice, Reporting requests, Celebrations, Plans and projects, Present Subjunctive, Imperative Affirmative and Negative.
Intermediate C 24 hours Expressing opinion, Expressing agreement and disagreement, Talking about the past: incidents, jokes and anecdotes, Films, Conditional Tense,Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto
B2 Upper Intermediate A 24 hours Asking and giving advice, Giving opinion, Expressing agreement and disagreement, Expressing unlikely conditions and consequences, Describing the character of a person, The future, Pretérito perfecto e imperfecto de subjuntivo, Condicional simple tense.
Upper Intermediate B 24 hours Offering solutions to problems, Writing a report, advert and newspaper article, Stating purpose, Reporting requests, suggestions and orders, Advertisement, The media, Futuro simple and compuesto tenses, Prepositions Por/Para, Indirect speech.
Upper Intermediate C 24 hours Expressing preferences, Expressing annoyance, Talking about feelings, Describing places, Complaining, Places of interest, Holidays, Expresions with estar + preposición + sustantivo, Pretéritopluscuamperfecto de subjuntivo.
C1 Advanced 24 hours For more details about higher levels please contact us

Student Feedback:

Daniel Hayward, Osteopath At Exeter Osteopaths

Course: Beginners
Teacher: Giorgia Ferrary
Reasons of studying Italian: Going to Italy for his honeymoon

Mary Kathleen O'Shea. Singer and English Teacher

Course: Beginners
Teacher: Giorgia Ferrary
Reasons of studying Italian: Honeymoon

Maria Toallast. Designer

Course: Beginners
Teacher: Giorgia Ferrary
Reasons of studying Italian: She would like to learn Italian to find a job