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Group Language courses is available in the following languages:
Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and German.

Overview of Group Courses:

Group lessons are a fantastic opportunity to learn or improve your favorite language, meet new people and achieve your new gols.

We have different courses

10 weeks course

During this 10 week programme (24 hours) you will be able to improve your language skills, meet new people and enjoy the culture as taught by a native speaker. Our syllabus has been designed to fulfil your language needs, be they for travel purposes, work, or just for fun!

All lessons are held during the evening. Classes last for 2 hours and are held 1 day per week. In addition you can also enjoy our social clubs which are held twice every term. These are a great opportunity to interact with other students, make more friends, have fun and improve your listening and speaking skills.

Intensive courses:

We run special intensive courses for groups. If you have friends that are interested to learn with you, contact us to discuss it.

Intensive courses are general 4 days per month 5 hours each day. You will improve a level per month and be fluent in less than a year.

Online Group Lesoons:

Study from your location at your most suitable time. All teachers are native and we have maximum 4 people per group. Online Learning is the solution for those who are not able to travel or

Some advantages of Group:

Effective Learning

Our courses are specially designed for you needs, either travelling, working purpose or just for entertaiment. Our syllabus is based on the Common European Framework for languages.It help us to have a clear structure about what you will learn in each level. From the basic levell you will be able to deal with basic conversations and different situations in your country of preference.

Our qualified teachers are native with great teaching experience, They will also be able to help you in case you are planing a trip, looking for a new job or making new friends. They will be happy to advise you and help you in all they can.

Small groups

As part of the effective learning we prefer small groups, because as a teacher we can interact more with each student, helping with problems of pronunsation, grammar and develop more speaking activities. We have a maximum of 10 student per class however the average number is 6.

Meet new people

You will meet new and fantastic people, with similar interests thank you, travelling, thinking moving abroad or just for fun. This is a wonderful way to make new friends and expand your network.

Events and conversation classes

We organise montly events with the end you can improve your speaking skills, like conversation classes and Swap languages. In each event you will find fun, new people and friends andlearn more about the culture of your favorite language.


Programme Essentials:

Our programmes include:

2 hours session of 55 minute each.
Native, experienced and qualified teacher.
Priority for conversation events. (If required).
Maximum students per class: 10 students average, 6 people

We work in partneship with Skola School. During the day they are a English language school and during the evening we use their facilities from 5:30 pm until 8:30. Please if you would like to visit us, book an appointment in advance and we will be happy to help you in all you need.

map to the language school

Address: 42 Longbrook Street. EX4 6AE

Time: All 10 week group classes are held in the evenings. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Ideal for those who work during the day.

Languages available:

group conversation class